Our dance becomes a source of personal discovery, wonder and healing.  As we practice over time, we fill our own bodies more fully, feel our emotions more fluidly, and think with more clarity.  We practice being ourselves and are inspired to live our life with more joy and grace.  

Private sessions are available for diving deeper into your dance and gaining insights about your own movement physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  In addition to movement, plant spirit medicine can be integrated into your dance practice to facilitate motion, energy, and healing.  

To create a private movement, herbal or combined one-on-one session contact Julie at (808) 935-6346 or email her at Julie@DancingBotanicals.com

Private Movement Sessions start at $30.00/hour (sliding scale)

Herbal Consultations start at $60.00/hour (sliding scale)

"Through one-on-one sessions with Julie, I began to feel a sense of groundedness and fluidity in life, she helped me to bring more awareness and my breath into my movements, and gave me a mirror of life so to speak through a meditative dialogue with my inner being, both as the dancer and the dance simultaneously."
-Private Session Participant, Big Island, Hawaii, 2010

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