I am pleased to offer ecstatic and conscious dance classes on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kapa'au, Waimea and Hilo.  I also teach keiki creative movement classes.  I am based out of Hilo, Hawaii and offer private sessions in addition to weekly classes and danceshops.

My partner and I also offer personal retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii combining conscious dance, Taoism, plant spirit medicine, qigong, pattern reading, meditation and mid-life counceling.  These healing sessions are personal, one on one experiences. 

The Big Island of Hawaii offers an ideal setting for releasing, letting go of old patterns, and burning away that which no longer serves the soul.  Hawaii is a safe and sacredly held land filled with community spirit.

The Aloha Spirit Law empowers the people of Hawaii to live with a connected heart and mind, living a kind, unified, agreeable, humble and patient life.  The Aloha life on the Big Island of Hawaii is filled with tenderness, harmony, pleasantness, modesty and perseverance. 

This is how we conduct our life, classes, danceshops, private sessions and retreats on Hawaii.

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