Children (keiki) are currently welcome to Waimea Ecstatic Dance.  By request children age 12 and under may join other dances depending on age and experience.  Keiki are welcome to dance and move, or sit in the quiet area where they can bring books, art supplies and snacks to share and enjoy.

We understand that children of a certain age are not always able to be silent or even whisper, this is part of life's dance, and they are still welcome.  At the same time, we ask parents to be considerate of the collective dance experience.  Particularly being conscious of the noise levels during quieter slower times in our dance.

The safety of each child is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of that child.  We cannot ensure the safety of any children attending the dance.  Please keep close to your children, and be aware that dancers may be moving rapidly and unpredictably.  Children should not be unattended on the dance floor.  The parent or guardian accepts these conditions if they bring children to the dance. 

I also offer  creative movement classes for keiki  in Hilo at Center Stage Dance Studio and the YWCA.  Please call (808) 935 - 6346 if you are interested in the upcoming classes. 

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                                                                                               photos by Aaron Barna

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