Winter, 2010, a contribution of $50.00 went to Hawaii People's Fund - a publicly supported community fund established in 1972 to provide grants to progressive grassroots social change organizations working in Hawai‘i.

Summer 2009, Dancing Botanicals contributed $45.00 towards Amnesty International - a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

In March 2008, Dancing Botanicals contributed $50.00 towards 5YearsTooMany, a movement dedicated to ending the war in Iraq through United for Peace & Justice.  During an ecstatic dance workshop called Revolution, nine participants practiced the path of the courageous dancing warrior.  We practiced turning fear to joy and feeling the power of resistance.  In our dance for freedom we celebrated life and created peace. 

In March 2008, Dancing Botanicals contributed $50.00 towards the STEP-UP program, borne from a mothers struggles with the toddler-balancing act in public bathrooms.  Support this mother's vision to place stepstools in every applicable bathroom in Prescott, AZ so that little people and their caregivers might more easily shape hygienic behaviors.  To make a donation and for information email

In 2007, the dancing children & parents of Olympia, WA in association with Dancing Botanicals contributed $100 to Dancing Across Borders, a not-for-profit dedicated to developing dance and movement work across borders.  Currently, Lucie Nerot works with children in Cambodia to offer them a special time to dance and play.

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